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What is SAVA?

Sava (pronunciation SAA-VAH) catering was created in 2006 by Chef/Owner Lana Zimdars and is based in Littleton, Colorado.


Lana began cooking and baking since the arrival of her Easy Bake Oven!   Lana comes from a long line of culinary artists on both sides of her family.  Great-Great Grandma Hanson owned and operated a bakery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and her Great Grandfather Joe Vogl owned and operated a brewery in Germantown, Wisconsin.  Great Grandma “Sava” Lefebre owned and operated the Frye Hotel and Restaurant in Wagon Mound, New Mexico.


Grandma Irene Zimdars learned the bakery trade from her mother and passed it on to her children and grandchildren. Grandpa Rudy Pacheco worked as a line cook at the Adams Restaurant in Rawlins, Wyoming. Lana has tremendous respect and admiration for the many generations of chefs, bakers and brew masters on both sides of her family.


Chef Lana attended Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado and graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude with her Culinary Arts  degree in 2005. After graduation, Lana opened her catering and personal chef business and named it after her maternal Great grandmother “Sava”.

Chef Lana Zimdars

Maria Sava LeFebre

Charles and Irene Zimdars

Anna and Eugene Hansen

Joseph Vogel

Rudy and Alice Pacheco

Terrance and Eluina Zimdars

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